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Invasive treatment for skin tag removal

Skin Tag/Wart/Mole Removal

What are Skin Tags?

Skin Tags are basically skin lesions that appear on the outer surface of the skin. They are small brown or flesh-coloured growths that hang from the surface of your skin. They are seen usually in middle age people (men and women), obese people and adults having Type-2 diabetes. Although skin tags are harmless and don’t cause any discomfort to your health, they are unattractive on the skin. They usually appear on eyelids, armpits, neck or other folds on the skin. Pelle Skin & Hair Clinics offers minimally invasive treatment for skin tag removal in Hyderabad.

What are Warts?

Warts are usually triggered by a contagious viral infection and have varied presentation on the skin. In medical terms, it is known as papillomas and can emerge anywhere on the skin. Although they are painless, it is best to remove them as soon as they appear on the skin. Being a viral infection, warts are usually contagious and can spread to other parts of the body and also to other people who are in regular close proximity. Pelle Skin & Hair Clinic has experienced dermatologists for wart removal treatment in Hyderabad.

What are Moles?

Skin moles are black round or oval spots on one’s body. While some pose as beauty spots, some mole are unsightly blemishes that can hamper one’s confidence to face the world. Medically, a mole is termed as ‘nevi’, and has more pigment-producing cells than the other areas of the body. They can grow randomly on any part of the body, including the face. These days, moles are considered as undesirable skin irregularity that can be a major beauty concern. At times, moles have structural changes and require immediate medical intervention. Pelle Skin & hair Clinic is the best clinic for Mole Removal Treatment in Hyderabad.

Hyfrecator for Skin Tag/Mole/Wart Removal Treatment

Hyfrecator is the most preferred treatment for removal of pesky warts, skin tags and moles/blemishes that appear on your armpits, neck, shoulders, chest or around the eyes. This is the best treatment to effortlessly remove such unwanted blemishes on skin with little or no downtime. A Hyfrecator is a safe form of electrosurgery in which controlled current is used to heat up and destroy tissue. It is a low powered device that works very well for destroying superficial lesions like skin tags, warts or moles.

Most patients need just one session for complete removal of their skin blemish, although sometimes stubborn skin tags and warts may take up to 3 sessions.

Radio-Frequency Cautery (RFC) for Skin Tag/Mole/Wart Removal Treatment

RFC or Radiofrequency Cautery (also referred to as Radiosurgery or Radiowave Surgery) is a highly favourable wart, mole and skin tag removal treatment. In this procedure electric current is converted to radio frequency waves and are passed into the skin to perform the removal or reshaping of a lesion. The radiofrequency waves produce low-temperature heat or spark, which when applied on the targeted area for less than one-tenth of a second cuts or burns unwanted skin tags, moles, warts etc.

RFC treatment can cut and coagulate simultaneously without any need for applying pressure. This procedure has gained importance among wart, mole and skin tag removal dermatologist since it is easy to perform. Bleeding is minimal and post-recovery is fast. Radiofrequency is minimally invasive and is practically free of side effects and complications.

With advanced RFC procedure, PELLE is a mole/wart/skin tag removal clinic offering the best Skin Tag & Wart Removal On Face Treatment In Hyderabad.

Pelle Services

  • Hyfrecator
  • RFC (Radiofrequency Cautery) Treatment
skin tag removal in Hyderabad

Benefits of RFC Treatment:

  • Totally safe and effective
  • Practically no side-effects or allergies
  • Minimally invasive, no stitches, minimal bleeding and wastage
  • Quick recovery with least postoperative discomfort
invasive treatment for skin tag removal in Hyderabad

Benefits of Hyfrecator:

  • Safe form of electrosurgery to destroy tissue skin lesions
  • Controlled heat so that underlying healthy tissues remain protected
  • Minimal discomfort experienced during treatment
  • No scarring or pigmentation on treated skin
  • Post-treatment healing time is less

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